i-Board (Intergrated Digital Display Management System) is a combination of Web Technology and LCD TV which is use for effective Information Dissemination among people. It enables any information, announcement, briefing, video streaming, and reminder to be delivered easily and quickly through the usage of Internet. The contents are also customizable through Content Management System following customers' need and this will also include more than 20 basic layout designs which comes with the package offer. For Security purposes, we can assure that this system is fully secured as it can only be authorize and access by admin and super user. The i-Board is also design to allow tailored information to be displayed according to targeted display units.

The advantages of InfoBoard are:-

  • Ease of Use
  • Security Controlled
  • Support Media Format
  • Readily Creative Template
  • Expandable
  • Single Control for Information Update

Digital Signage

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